Welcome to make & Take Wood Classes at 3 GIRLS AND A KILN!

Get ready to get creative with stain, paint, stencils.... and waltz on out with your very own sign perfect for your house, condo... or heck, your cat (we don't judge here at 3GK).

This class includes materials and instructions for one (1) wooden square (11.5x11.5) or one (1) long sign (5x24) or one (1) large (12x24). The exact sign size will be dependent on design you choose. Boards will vary in price based on their size - all pricing is listed below and is noted on the image sections.

Participants will be given spruce wood planks to distress, stain, construct and paint into finished wooden signs. Our wonderful instructors (that’s us!) and assistants are on hand to lead them through every step. At the end, participants will have a custom wood sign they will be proud to hang for years to come.

Our classes will offer low VOC stains along with a large selection of water based paints. Participants will have an opportunity to pick their own design from over 40 of our designs!

Ready to sign up for a wood class? Click our events link and see if there’s a day and time that works for you!

Square Board Options | Dimensions: 11.5”x11.5” | CI$55

Long (Horizontal) Board Options | Dimensions: 5”x24” | CI$55

Long (Vertical) Board Options | Dimensions: 24”x5” | CI$55

Big (Vertical) Board Options | Dimensions: 11.5”x24”| CI$65

Big (Horizontal) Board Options | Dimensions: 24”x11.5”| CI$65

Make & Take Wood Classes in Action!

Ready to take a class or make your board selection for a session you’ve signed up for? Shoot us an email here - we can’t wait to hear from you!